So this morning at the local highschool, FCS had SYBTP.
Not SYATP. SYBTP. See You By The Pole. My friend who leads it and I were talking and we thought it’d be cool to pray for the school more than once a year, even though neither of us go there. So, since he helps lead FCS, we got the ball rolling and, well, once a month we now go to the flagpole.

It’s pretty stinkin’ sweet if you ask me.

So this morning, there were like, 8 of us who’d been there since it started when this kid in a wheelchair came up. We’d already prayed once, but we still had about half an hour left so Timmy was like “well, let’s pray again.”

So we go around the circle, now with about 12 of us, all praying out loud. Then a voice starts to pray. It’s not a general highschool voice. It’s…more innocent. It prays with such passion, such conviction. It’s the kid in the wheelchair.

I was so touched to hear him. I don’t know why, there was just something about the way he talked to God that really…was sweet.

So then before he left he asked Timmy if he would play a song on guitar for him that was in his backpack. Timmy of course did, and when he was done the kid says “That was WICKED awesome!” in such an adorable way we all just wanted to run up and hug him. He was just so innocent, so real, so passionate about God.

Like a child…
Innocent. Real.

That kid is an inspiration to me. He’s got some kind of disorder, but he was so real, so excited about God. It was awesome.

Things like these give me hope. Maybe this generation isn’t as terrible as I’d been lead to believe it was.

There’s hope in faith like a child.

Be that child. Have that faith. Be real. Be innocent.


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