Ugh. Everyone gets them. But they’re so disgusting.

It’s like a big bunch of infectedness on your face. it’s disgusting.

So don’t be like a zit on the face of life. Don’t be all grumpy grouchy and infect everyone with toxic poisons of pessimism and stuff. yes, “I feel like a zit on the face of life” is from full house. but seriously. don’t be one.

On a not so disgusting note, I get to go to a football game tonight! Last one of my highschool years. ever. Wow. Scary. And to think this was the first year I actually cared, haha. I love the football games. It reminds me that I really haven’t missed much by being homeschooled. I was at a game with my friend Tyler and I just turned to him and was like “ya know, we really haven’t missed much. I think it’s hilarious to see girls walking around in stuff I wear as undershirts as just shirts.” He just chuckled and shook his head. It’s ridiculous how girls dress. I feel so bad for all the guys out there trying to keep their thoughts pure.

So the point of this blog? Don’t be a zit on the face of life, and don’t be a stumbling block for your brothers! Cover it up!



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  1. Monica says:

    AUGH!! I can’t follow this bloggy!! It won’t let me!

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