Pretty much the title says it all. I’m just overwhelmed with life, and, being the pro procrastinator that I am, a blog sounds much mucchhh better than english homework.

I’m a senior in highschool. I love learning. A lot. I’m really sick of school though. I’m tired of English Literature, which is full of gore and violence and unwholesomeness that leaves me disgusted and never wanting to open it again. I’m tired of physics, which I don’t understand worth a can of beans (which might actually be matter waves of beans, if we want to be physically correct here).

Trig, okay, it works my brain, I’ll take it. Government is love. I love that class, hahahaha. Other than that…I’m pretty bummed with school. It’s sad to not understand or not be able to use the what I’m learning, especially because I love learning so much :'(

Sooo annnnyway. I just had to vent. again. I’ve been venting to Tiffany all day (Cuz she ROCKS!) and Monica too, haha. And my Mom. I’m just having a bad day. I think I’m still cranky…haha, wait, nope, I know I am ;)

So, i guess I should go read my literature homework. I think it’s Shakespeare this time. HIS stuff isn’t so useless at least. Maybe now that we’re out of dopey old old english stuff we’ll hit stuff worth my time, like Shakespeare and Pilgrim’s Progress.

Keep fighting, students! We’ll make it. Someday…hehe.


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