“Oh God. I’m suffocating.
I try to breathe You in, but…
When I open my mouth everything else I’m supposed to do fills my lungs.
I’m dying inside without You to fill me.
I can’t find the balance I had before.
I can’t do this, God.
Come dig me out of this pit of quicksand.
The more I strive for You the more I’m pulled and bogged down by the burdens of this life.
My soul is aching to recline in You.
I can’t do that alone.
Snatch me up from this confusion.
Wash away the stuff of this life.
I cherish You far more than these, but I have to get this stuff done.
God, show me how to do what is required of me here well so that I can do what I love to-spend time with You.”

I was sitting in my room and this just…spilled out.
Oh God, please help me.


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  1. Tiffany says:

    :( I’m praying for you hun. Senior year is very stressful for everyone. But we got each other’s backs. :)

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