A survey. Since…I’m sure my friends are tired of getting them in their inboxes. teehee!

Questions For Girls

Name: Lindsey
Taken Or Single: Single as half a pair of socks! :D
Last kiss: Two months from never!
What shampoo do you use: caa-reeeeper!
Fave item of clothing: HOODIE!!
What do you want most: For my friends to start texting me again. c’mon guys!
What would you buy with 1 thousand dollars? I would put some of it in the bank, and buy stuff for orphans. or the hungry. or. something.
Last time you told someone you loved them: tonight befeore i left.
Fave color: Bluee :)
Coffee Or Tea: HOT COCOA!
Hugs Or Kisses: Chocolate both. Real neither please :)
Mascara Or Concealor: how about uh. neither. and learn how to spell survey maker!!
Pink Or Blue: Blueee :) make it pink! make itblue!
Phone call Or Texts: Texts are easier, but if it’s just like a quick convo just call me. I really don’t care actually. but. I love me some text messages.
Faithfreaks.com Or Myspace: I have both. Faithfreaks eats Myspace for brunch.
Dying your hair bleach blonde or deep red: HAHA. neither please.
Loads of friends or a few best friends: a few besties <3 they know who they are :)
Coke Or Pepsi:Doctor pepper or Pepsi is a better question. and the answer to that is yes!
Friday Or Saturday: Friday. friday nights! ahah. no texty deadline. fun stuff.
Hug: Uhm…i have no idea. wait yes, Thursday. aww.
Kiss: neva eva
Item bought: a book. and a Christmas presie! *snicker snicker*
Person you saw: Mommy-o!
Film you watched: uhhhh…….i have no idea lol.
Thing you said: “Hahahahahahaahha” (I was laughing)
Lesson you had: Piano!
Thinking: how much I like talking to my friendsbecause they make me laugh and support me :)
Loving: every minute
Hating: nothing.
Missing: nobody
Wearing makeup: is not good at midnight
Hows your hair: stringy
What are you suppose to be doing: sleep lol
Doing: this, talking with friends.


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  1. Tiffany says:

    you’re so funny! :)

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