[original, not the same as my faithfreaks* version]

So, I’ve been sharing my struggles here. Struggles about waiting, about trusting. All in the name of “love.” hahaha.
that sounded sarcastic. I didn’t mean it like that. Love is real; my obsession with it is what’s not so hot.
mmm, i just bit into a milky way, and let me tell ya, it is delcious.
OKAY sorry. I love my chocolate. I’m having a girl night with myself lol. anyway.
I’m usually the kind of person who thinks God has to talk to you using the Bible. Like, that’s His Word, so that’s the only way He’s going to talk to me, right?


[Discalimer-this does not give us the right to skip devotions. I’m merely trying to point out that maybe God is saying more than we realize, and we should listen up more. The Bible is like, the most amazing book ever. Not reading it is like not wearing your seatbelt-stupid and only ends up hurting you in the long run.]

So I get this tremendous movie craving last night for the Lakehouse. Good cow that’s an amazing movie. So I run to target on my way home and snatch it up for only nine dollars, that and a milky way. So at about eleven last night I curled up on the couch in my new jammies, with my fuzzy green robe, a cup of hot chocolate, and my milky way to watch this movie. I just felt like getting drowned in sapiness.

The entire point of this movie, is waiting. The only way these two people can be together is…to wait. I just kinda sat there a minute when it was over. I was like, whoa. I’ve been wrestling with that; reading about it; praying about it…and here God uses a movie to speak to me.

My point? God is absolutely EVERYWHERE. Don’t confine Him to your quiet times and Sunday mornings. God is talking all the time. Are you listening?

I just thought that was so cool. It makes me excited, too. That was such a sweet love story, and it’s…not even possible, lol. Just wait till God writes your love story. It’s gonna be so sweet. I am so excited to…sit back and wait. Is that weird? I don’t think so. I love this. I’m embracing this season of my life totally different lately. Like, I don’t even care anymore. Something has clicked, finally. My life is more than who so and so likes, whether or not it’s me, how bad so and so are together; it’s more important to me than that now because I realize how much more important it is to God.

It’s cool. I like this feeling. I think I’ll keep it around for a while :)

So….go watch the lakehouse! hahahahaha. goooood movie.

no seriously, just be looking for God everywhere you go. It may surprise you how much you’ve been tuning Him out.

(And her chocolate…)
[*faithfreaks is a Christian alternative to myspace, and it’s the coolest thing since sliced bread! Check it out! www.faithfreaks.com


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  1. Kendall says:

    Oh my goodness, best movie ever!!!!! Definitely in my top ten. And you’re right — we can find God in the most surprising places with some of the best messages we will ever hear.


  2. Monica says:

    Makes me want See that movie…. :) (I’m trying to actually use my blog a bit more, now that the holidays are over.)
    And you’re definitely right-God uses pretty much anything, and everything. I love that about him.
    Boxes are for Oxen, and oxen belong in boxen. XXD

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