So a few months ago I decided Iwanted to read the whole Bible, beginning to end. Okay okay I skimmed through the laws…but other than that, I want to read it all.

So I’m currently in Numbers (yes, I read slow). I read Numbers 11 the other night. I was kind of like, okay cool….but then i was like, no, wait, that’s there for a reason. Why. Why did God want that story in His Word.

So I kind of tried to analyze it.

The Israelites wanted meat. They were tired of manna. So they started complaining. God heard them and was like, fine, I’ll give you meat. Get ready, it’s coming tomorrow, and you’ll be eating it for a month.

So they’re all excited right? Well then they eat and, basically, they get sick and die. (God got ticked and gave them a plague.

Greeeeeat story, huh? I was like, oooookayyy…..what? But I had to think about it. Had to dig. There HAD to be a reason it was here. So I tried to parallel my life with the Israelites.

Mmmm….manna, God gave them manna. God brought them out of slavery and wanted them to be patient while they went to the Promised Land. Manna was a miracle; and it was enough to satisfy them.

Mmmm….God gave me life; He’s called my name and I’ve answered. He’s asking me to be patient while He molds me more before I find my prince. Life is a miracle; and God is enough to satisfy.

The people got sick of manna. They were sad they’d ever left Egypt. They complained.

I’m ashamed to say this-I got sick of waiting. I’ve had self-pity, wondered why I’m not good enough for the amazing guys I’ve met.

God gave the Israelites what they were whining for. And………… didn’t turn out so hot for them.

I really don’t want to whine to God and have Him get annoyed. I don’t want Him to be like “LINDSEY! If you’re NOT going to trust me, fine, date whatever bum you want. Just don’t be mad at ME when he turns out to be a jerk.”

I’m not saying that venting to God is wrong at all. It’s just, complaining is. I talk to God about my struggles all the time. And He always comforts me.

That’s the difference. Complaining and wanting your way, versus sharing struggles and wanting correction, strength, grace.

So once again, the Israelites are not as different from us as we often believe they are. Just because we don’t get amazing bread and complain about it doesn’t mean we’re not guilty of very much the same sins.

Take your heart to God. Let Him hold onto it. And don’t complain about it. Just wait until you see what He’s got planned. It’s going to be awesome :)


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  1. Kendall says:

    LOL, no, I don’t go to PCA and don’t know what that is! I did used to be homeschooled through A-Beka, though. :) And don’t worry, you don’t sound creepy-stalker-ish.

    By the way, I’m praying for your friend and that you would have wisdom in dealing with this situation!

    Great post!!!


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