I guess I should have put these here on, gee whiz, New year’s! but…I didn’t. So…I’ll put them here now.

1) Read my Bible eeeveryday without fail. no more, awh i’m too tired. I’ll do it tomorrow. Neupe neupe neupe. Daily :)
2) Do some sort of exercise everyday. I do believe I have done pretty well with this one so far :) 100 sit-ups the other night! (Ouch!)
3) Talk to God more.
4) Less time on the computer. That one’s not working out so hot so far. I’m trying though…
5) Very very very little TV, Monk and Psych are allowed, and DVDs don’t count as TV. So I biffed that one today. But I’ve been doing all right.
6) Be optimistic! No more grumpy-ness :) (No matter what!!)
7) Look for ways to serve. Don’t just serve happily when you’re asked or something, LOOOOOK for it. Very different.
8) Noooo daydreaming.

Yeah, eight is a horrible number. But…..i think i’ll quit while i’ve got a big enough plate, haha :)


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  1. Michelle :) says:

    LOVE your resoultions! I def. need to work on less computer time, too- and the Bible- and exercise :) all around life change.

    God will bless you for it, girl! love ya *Chelle

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