I’m doing lent again this year!
And no! I’m not Catholic!
I do lent to remember what Christ did for me, not because I have to, but because I want to. It’s a daily reminder that Jesus loves me and that only through His strength can I make it through lent.

Fooor lent this year I gave up myspace. I’m only checking facebook for like 15 minutes at night. I’m cutting back on my text messaging before noon. I can only watch DVDs after 8PM. and NO TV.


This year is crazy hard sometimes.

Like, every morning I get online to check my e-mail. And it’s so hard to not hit facebook and myspace.

And blowing people off is really hard. But it’s important. God deserves more of my time. And doing these things frees up more of my time.

No TV has been interesting, not too bad yet since I was busy this past weekend. But i’m noticing it in the little stupid times, like lunch time. But it’s good, because I’ll listen to a sermon, or music, or read Luke for quizzing or something.

Overall I’m rather liking the habits lent is making for me this year. Care to join? Let me know what you’re doing too! :)

Much love!


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  1. Hi Lindsy,
    What do you do in place of the tv or computer? I like what you said about God deserving some of your time. Please check out my blog too It is my first! :)

    • ivory627 says:

      Hey Andrea!

      In place of TV or computer, I tried to put in more devotional times or relational times with my family, if I remember right. That was two years ago! crazy stuff. Good luck with your blog!

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