I kind of just had a, chill out hour. I played some solitare, and wrote. I wrote two poems, among other things. I rather like them. They are both the cry of my heart. I will, however, only share one, as the other is entirely…not written for human eyes :)

What Is Love?

What is love?
Is it hugs and kisses,
Holding hands and making wishes?
Could it be butterflies and flowers, calling on the hour?
Dancing in spring showers? What is love’s mystic power?!
Is love in an enamored glance?
Or maybe in a body-induced trance?

Though I have yet to give my heart,
I have been hit by love’s hot dart…
For One, you see, has died for me,
And when into His eyes I gaze,
The “love” of the world becomes a haze.
Thus, to my Lover my life I give,
And someday…
With my prince I’ll live.

No theivery! It’s mine and I worked hard on it!!!
Keep fighting. Keep waiting. God won’t let you down. What He withholds we are not lacking.
I encourage you to take a “you” night; it does wonders for your perspective! :)
Now if you”ll excuse me, it’s nearly 1AM. yeah…bad. And I have to get up around seven! Oh goodness. But the fresh look is better :)
Oh, and listen to While I’m Waiting by John Waller.



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