Perhaps my title deserves an explination. Last Tuesday (for reasons I had intended to blog, but upon further review decided against), I felt God was telling me to take a day off from texting. It was one of the hardest but most rewarding days I’ve ever spent; I loved relying on His strength to not text my friends every stupid thing that happened to me during the day. It was realy refreshing, refocusing, and great for my overall psyche.

So Tyler spoke about putting aside distractions last night at Bible study. And one of them most of us agreed was texting. So, since I’d loved my last Tuesday so much, he and I talked ourselves into going every Tuesday without texting.

This tuesday has certainly not been an exception to last Tuesday in it’s amazingness. It’s not so hard this week, but it is still very good. Very cleansing. Very calming.

So anyway, back to the point of this post. My thoughts from my day.
-I love being a girl. I’m so glad God made me a girl. i’d feel awful silly getting excited over cookware and skirts if I were a boy.
-I made the most delicious cookies today. We’re talking stinking amazing.
-I love how not being able to text today kept me humble. And an explination of that statement would defeat the purpose. Good stuff, I like not being able to brag.
-School has been pretty good today. Cooking took a lot of time but it was worth it! yum.
-I’m going to be so fat by the end of the school year if I have to keep making such delicious food.
-I love this new site that gives me free downloads. I have to be sure to give the link to my friends.
-I am so excited to help Rev. set up for the Easter thing on Thursday! I love them.
-Easter is Sunday! Easter is my passion. I’m sure there will be a blog on it here soon.
-And now I have to go do school and check dinner.

later peeps. text you tomorrow :)


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