Have you ever noticed how everyone is always TIRED?
“How are you?”
“Good, but I’m TIRED.”

Everyone, everywhere, is almost always tired.
It’s really quite depressing, and almost becoming an epidemic! And it’s everyone’s excuse. “I’m sorry for being cranky, I was TIRED.” “I’m sorry, I’m just TIRED.”
Blah blah blah. If everyone in the world is equally tired then why bother saying it anymore?
Tomorrow the word “Tired” (including any synonyms one may think up) is out of my vocabulary. I will not say “tired” all day, or allude to my “Tiredness,” or let on that my day was ever bit as “tiring” as yours. And I want to see how it affects people around me. The mere mention of being tired brings everything down a notch; no one is as much fun dead tired as they are wide awake.
We’ll see what happens. :)


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