Lately I’d been getting complacent with my life. I fell into the, I have 80 years to live, more or less, with very minimal chance of anything happening.

this idea is clearly not stated in the Bible. God calls life a “vapor” and stuff all the time. But ya know, I just got complacent. And God got my attention.

Friday, as you all know, I found out two people I love very dearly have cancer. That was a sort of a wake-up call.

But the big one came yesterday. I was on my way to a town two-hours away for a concert when, about half a mile from the church, we got into a car accident. All of us are okay, but it was extremely scary. I was sitting shotgun. The guy broadsided us and I couldn’t even open my door. If we had been just like six inches more forward, I could have been seriously injured. But God is good and protected us :)

Why do I say all that? Because-tomorrow literally is not a promise. It took these two things to grab my attention to that fact. So don’t live like it is. Live like today could be your last day. Because you know what? It just could be.
It could also be the last day of that person you’ve been putting off witnessing to.

Each day is a gift. Don’t waste them, and don’t take them for granted.

Thank you, God, for Your protection yesterday. Thank You for the kindness of the officer and tow truck guy. Thank You for the cross, that we may live abundantly. Thank You.


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