I sit here in my princess dress, with my princess shoes, princess hair, and tiara, after performing in my last official piano recital as a student. Ever.

Wow.  Maybe that doesn’t mean much to you.  But it is to me. Every spring for the last ten years I have dreaded Spring recitals.

And now they’re finally over.

And I’m totally not sure how I feel about that.

One thing is sure-I feel like a total princess right now. So amazing.  I feel like I could go to Cinderella’s ball, waltz away, and no one would look at me funny.  I love this feeling so much. I wish I could bottle it up and save it forever.

I had some amazing people come out to support me tonight :) What a blessing they are!  I love them so very much :)

The best thing was, at Coldstone after recital, all the little girls were staring at me, calling me Cinderella, and wanting to talk to me.  It was the cutest thing I”ve ever seen, and I was so touched by them and their reactions at a silly tiara.

But really now.  I’m getting some ideas in my head for using that fascination for princesses to brighten the day of some less fortunate kids.  Stay tuned. But it will be awesome.

I got to talk to Max’s mom after recital.  She was almost brought to tears knowing she’d probably never see us play again. Like whoa.  I didn’t realize I was that important.  It was kinda cool though.

When we were at Revolution, I just prayed “God, this is my last recital. I want to be free, and I want You to be in my music.”

And it was.  Definitely a great way to go out.

Perfect? No. But really good :) I loved my pieces and. It was just a great evening.

Much love


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