That’s always good, right? Everyone should always be learning something.  This lesson I’m going to reveal through an anecdote, a fable if you will.

Once upon a time, there was a little puppy.  Every day on his way to school, this puppy walked by the toy store and stopped to gaze at the coolest toy he’d ever seen-it was a tug toy, and it looked like so much fun!  you could tug, play fetch, bury it–practically anything!!
“Oh, if only I could have that toy, I’d never want anything else!”  he sighed as he turned away.

Every night he’d beg his mom for this new-fangled toy.  Finally, she bought it and brought it home as a surprise for him one night.  Oh how Puppy was excited!  He played with his toy nonstop!…for a few days.  Then he looked around and realized his toy couldn’t fly like a frisbee, or bounce like a ball.  Sadly, he left his toy and went to go sulk in his dog house.

Okay, so it’s a stupid story.  But anyway, the point is this-no matter how much you want something, unless you’re full of God first, it is not going to satisfy you.  No matter how good it sounds, or looks, or feels, or tastes, it is NEVER going to satisfy you; only God will satisfy.  Until your life is JESUS spilling all over the place, nothing on earth is going to satisfy.  Even then, it’s still God satisfying you, not the stuff.  It could be a car, an ipod, a relationship, a job, a raise, a grade….but unless you are flowing over with God, it is going to leave you totally empty.

Everyone has that God-shaped hole inside him.  We try to fill it with oh so many things-but behind all the noise…
Emptyness prevails.  Nothing can ever fill that hole.  Nothing except a deep, meaningful, personal relationship with Christ.
And once that hole is filled?  nothing else matters.  at all.

When I was little, I can remember saying “Mooommm, i’m fullllll…”
And what was Mom’s response? “Well then you’re too full for dessert too.”
Man, I hated that.  I was like, goodness, why can’t I just get past these stupid carrots and get my hands on those cookies?!  Why do I even need carrots anyway?! Why can’t I just eat cookies for dinner!!

Sometimes what God is doing feels like carrots.  And carrots? Well, they’re not the most tasty thing on earth, but they’re super good for you; they help your eyes, nails, hair, skin…they’re important.  And if you ate only cookies, what would happen? Tuuummyyy aaaache, biiig time.  And my mom knew that, and she loved me enough to make me eat the carrots and not eat as many cookies as I would have liked.

So whatever you’re going through, no matter how unpleasant it might be, look for how it’s building you.  Look for the lessons God is trying to teach you.  He does it because He loves you.

God is in the kitchen making your dessert.  I’m pretty sure whatever he is planning is a whole lot better than the mudpie you’d go make if you left the table now.

Let God fill you up.  trust what he’s doing.  Nothing else will satisfy; in fact, it might even make you sick.


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