I sit here disheartened at news I just recieved concerning a group I’m considering becoming a part of.  I’ve learned the discussions don’t really dig that deep into the Word, that it’s more for fellowship than study.  I’m all for fellowship, don’t get me wrong.  but so much of our studies are more fellowship than study.

I crave a small, close-knit group of believers, where we can all pour out our hearts, knowing it won’t leave the room.  I want a group that prays for each other between meetings, holds each other accountable for what’s going on, strengthens each other when life gets hard.  I want a group that digs so deep into the Word that we could talk about just one little portion of it for hours and not be exhausting it; talking about applications, struggles, triumphs, joys, requests.

That’s what I crave.


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  1. Haley L. says:

    me too, to bad we don’t live closer :/

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