I’ve kinda got a lot of things on my mind.

First off is this-how amazing is music?  I way love it.  I just put on “Against the Wall” by Nate Huss.  This song was so great for me during school.

“Take my heart, let me dream; cuz I’ up against the wall and I’m weak.  Take this promise I can’t keep; cuz I’m up against the wall and I’m weak.”

mmm. isn’t that just beautiful?  A total desperate cry to God when what you’re doing just isn’t working.  I really like songs that are so real.

Anyway, sorry, haha.  I cleaned my room yesterday!  It looks absolutely…almost spectacular.  I’ve got to finish vacuuming and dusting.  My closet is all organized and pretty. Ahh. love having time to do stuff again. 

Have you ever wondered why when we get overloaded with stuff the first thing that goes is God-time?  Why do we see Jesus as an option?  I’m guilty.  Last week I was so stressed with finishing school that I totally dropped the ball with devotionals.  I hate it.  I don’t know why I did it.  But I did. And I feel so disconnected. Still.  In many ways then, I guess you could say I’m still “up against the wall and weak.” 

But seriously, why *do* we see Jesus as an option?  I don’t see my friends that way; I don’t see my family that way; why should I see my time with my Savior like that?  It really opened my eyes. And it’s only going to get harder to maintain that time as I get older.  But I refuse to let it slip away.  I refuse to become lukewarm, half-hearted. 

So when you’re stressed?  Don’t make Jesus an “option.”  Make Him the priority.  I’m pretty sure if I’d taken my advice my last week would have been way more peaceful. 

So LINDSEY. Don’t make Jesus your option.  Make Him your PRIORITY.

Maybe I’ll learn this time…


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