Like seriously.  I really don’t understand why I am having such self-image issues lately.  Like everytime I look at myself the only thing I see is flaws.  And I hate talking about it.  But I do know that not talking about it isn’t healthy.  So here I am. 

Subconsciously I think a lot of my deal is summer.  Lots of girls are starting to wear a lot less and I am still choosing to stay modest.  It makes me feel faaar less cute, as absolutely stupid as that sounds.  Who am I kidding, this whole thing sounds stupid.  Whatever, just don’t talk to me about this if you know me okay? awkward.  I really seriously like…Being the most attractive girl in the world is not my goal. at all.  I want to become 1 Peter 3:4. So why this has so much of my attention…I can’t even begin to tell you because…I don’t know. 

Ach. I don’t even know why I’m posting this. Whatever.  Just know the girls in your life aren’t immune.  I’m disgusted with the world, and how it portrays women.  My heart goes out to girls who feel inadequate.  At least I have Jesus to fall on, what about those that don’t?  Redefine your image.  Use God as your mirror.


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  1. Kendall says:

    I totally, totally get this. I’ve been struggling with that same thing for a really long time, and definitely need my image redefined!

    I would love to pray for you. I hope that God gives you wisdom, direction, and firm integrity!


  2. I’ve been feeling the same way lately too!

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