It’s funny how God uses different things to get a point across.

Tuesday I was talking to Tiffany, and she was totally solid in what she was saying.  Stuff like, “I’m kinda realizing that right now is not the ideal time to start a relationship with college right around the corner, as much as I’m still longing for a relationship I know that it would just add on so much more stuff for me to think about. It’s so crazy.  Like when I was younger I wanted a relationship and thought I was ready for it. But now I almost feel like I”m still too young to date lol. How weird is that?”

So I had that bouncing around in my head; those amazing words of reason and patience.  Then just now I logged on facebook and Tyler posted an essay, and this just totally stuck out to me:

“Paul had every right to complain; nearly everywhere he went he was met with hardship. In Philippi when he founded the church, he was severely flogged, and thrown in to prison unjustly for carrying out the work of God. “Paul was a man who during 30 years had been mobbed, beaten, stoned, and manhandled – enough to make the angels gasp” (Halley, 814). However, Paul gave up this right to complain, for he also had every right to rejoice; he had the hope of salvation and he could not help but to be joyful. “The very things that would naturally tend to make him sour only added to his happiness” (Halley, 814). Paul was aware that God was more interested in his character than his comfort, and as such, he could look at any opportunity for him to grow and spread the word of God.”

All right, you’re probably thinking “Lindsey Noelle, you’ve flipped your lid.”  Hold on, it relates.

As I was reading that, I was thinking about what Paul went through, and how he knew that discomfort brought growth, and so he was just…selfless and let God work through him.  Then I started thinking about my life, and how much of that quality I possessed, if any.

Yeah…not doing so hot.  I mean, when stuff gets hard I try to be patient, and I do rely on God, but saying that I take it with joy is definitely not accurate.  And it made me think of our vacation plans; like I would say “All right, we can do that instead,” but did I really mean it?  I don’t think so; my heart still wanted its own way.

Here’s the connection–I still have a lot of growing up to do!!!!  What kind of horrible, selfish person am I to even THINK I’m anywhere near mature enough to handle a relationship?!  My goodness!!!  I’m so glad God opened my eyes before I hurt myself or worse-someone else.  As they said at Trevecca….”Simple

? yes.  Easy? no.”

In reality, I’d thought about this before.  But I hadn’t really thought about it, not like tonight.  So here’s to God, for using some of my best friends to get my attention; and here’s to my best friends, for letting God use them to show me a ginormous truth.  Again, I am absolutely blessed by the most amazing circle of friends.  :)  They put up with the mood swings, quirks, flaws, giggle-fests, and over-abundant texting.  I learn, grow, think, laugh, love, serve so much with you; I hope I can bless you a fraction of how you’ve blessed me.

And now?  It’s time for growth.  Time to mature.  Time to draw nearer my Savior, to learn how to more closely mirror Him.  I have a lot to learn…


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