I just felt like blogging.  I’ll catch you up with my life in general, kk?

So, it’s monsoon season. Gorgeous.  Gorgeous gorgeousness with lots of amazing beauty.  it’s thundering right now; i way hope it rains so I can sit down and watch it.  I’m housesitting and have absolutely nothing to do. I think either a music video, or lots of piano are in store.  I’m way in love with piano.  Been watching too much TV today becuse it’s nice to not have to do anything. but I’m over that now. Time to be productive.  Maybe I’ll work on my fairytale some more…or work out! mmm. love working out.  They have an exercise ball here–wayy fun! 

I wore my hair in a pony tail to the side today.  Someone said it was cute :) I took the pony tail tie out.  It’s still all stuck over on the side. yeah I kinda loaded it with hairspray… but my hairspray smells way good so it’s all right.  I painted my toenails this morning! and it’s already coming off.  That’s what happens when you do it like twenty minutes before church…

Church was really great today; i was playing keyboard.  Scary? sort of.  But it’s incredible what God will do when you say, “OK God, here I am. Do what you want.”

Cascades today was awesome too.  A lot of the time it was soooooo God making my fingers hit the right keys.  Like I’d hear something and be like WHOA that was cool, thanks Jesus! hehe.  I love being used by God.  I want to use my music to serve him for ever and ever and ever.  So I thinkI’m going to go practice more.  All this piano talk makes me want to go learn more songs and just siiiiiiiiiing and have a great time exploring my music with my Savior.

Hasta la pasta peoples :) Thanks, the ramble was fun :)


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  1. slowdowntime says:

    I LOVE the layout! It’s like so simple and cute. Love it. I think you would definitely look cute with a ponytail on the side. That’s so exciting you played the keyboard! I hope you find more ways to entertain yourself at that house. But I think you should definitely work on your fairytale! :)

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