So remember the whole bored thing? Well I made a music video!!!

It was extremely…theraputic.  Like, to be hearing “Eres hermosa, eres hermosa” over and over and over…it really helped.  And like, seeing myself on camera, with no makeup, and, not hating it, was really cool.  It was just really neat.

Yes, I used 1 Peter 3:4. Again.  I love it, what can I say…

Letras: (
“Yo veo cada mañana al despertar
Espejo no haz cambiado
Te vez igual
Cosa tan superficial
Piensas que no vales

Eres hermosa
Bella y loca
Gritas y lloras
No estas sola
Tu eres tu moda toda
Eres hermosa

Escuchas todas las voces al caminar
Te dicen que siempre fallas
No eres especial
Dicen cosas sin hablar
Pero ellos nada saben

Cosas que te herían ya
No mas, no mas
Tu si puedes conquistar
El mundo, todo el mundo

Ya no existen
Ya no te visten
Ya eres libre
Ven niña
Al que te guía
A El que te cuida”

Rough translation from my limited knowledge of Spanish (Feel free to correct me! :) :
“I look, every morning, when I wake up…
The mirror hasn’t changed,
It’s still the same.
A thing so superficial,
You think you have no worth…

You are beautiful,
Beautiful and crazy
You shout and you cry
You are not only beautiful!
You are all fashion (?)…
You’re beautiful.

You listen to all of these voices that come along,
They tell you you’re always missing something,
You’re not special.
They say things without speaking,
But they don’t know anything!!

Things that have hurt you
(are) no more, no more
You are able to conquer the world, the whole world (?)

Complex (?)
Already they don’t exist
They already don’t dress you (?)
You are already free
Come, daughter,
To Him that guides you,
To Him that takes care of you.”

It loses its poetic-ness in English, and I definitely didn’t get it word for word. But, it’s the general idea. lol. :)


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