I recently had the privilege of going on a vacation to tour DC and visit family.  It was incredible; so much history and beautiful architecture; I loved it.

My parents and I split up one afternoon, so I was walking around the heart of the nation totally alone.  It was fantastic; I got to experience the city in a totally different way.  But anyway, I was walking from the Washington monument past the Jefferson to the FDR memorial.  Walking alone, without an iPod, gives you lots of time to think.  All these great monuments to these great men, and…I’ll bet none of them wanted them.

Washington wasn’t wild about Washington DC being named after him; I’m sure the Washington Monument wouldn’t make him very thrilled either.  When Lincoln was being his amazing, honest self, a giant marble statue was probably the last thing on his mind.

Yet all these people who want so desperately to be remembered either fade from the scene or are remembered from completely awful reasons.  Exhibit A: John Wilkes Booth.  He wanted to become a hero by killing one of the most amazing Presidents.  He is now remembered with contempt; there will never be a monument to Booth, he will never be remembered fondly.  He wanted greatness, and it eluded him.

When being great is your goal, it will never happen.  When being remembered as fantastic is your goal, you will be remembered in all sorts of awful ways.  Strive to serve others and love like Jesus; no one will ever be able to look at that with contempt.


After a long day of sight-seeing one day, we finally arrived back to our shuttle stop and had a wonderful forty minute wait.  Right behind us there was this little tent with these two incredibly creepy and lazy women in it crying out to everyone who walked by “Get your psychic reading! Or at least come over here so I can give you my card!”  They snookered on girl into getting a reading while we were there.  It’s just a reminder at how…lost our world still is.


This trip, I managed to fit everything for two weeks in a little duffel bag. Okay, you might not call it little, but I do, lol.  And I was just thinking how, when you go on vacation, you take only the essentials; you don’t want a bunch of extra junk weighing you down.

Life is often compared to a journey.  But I never really thought about…the packing part of the journey before.  Are you carrying around non-essentials?  What is weighing you down?

Give it to God.


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