Absolutely no point to this. Just feel the need to ramble, where I know I won’t bother anyone with a lot of words they feel obligated to read, when really these words aren’t going to be saying a whole lot…

First semester of college is over today!  whoot whoot!  We went to play golf to celebrate.  Let me tell ya’ll (who probably aren’t even reading), I’m absolutely pathetic at golf. PUH-THET-IC.  Like. it was bad.  I wanted to just go crawl in a hole after a little while lol. We played tennis Tuesday. Also really bad at that.  But my friends are bomb-diggity and are patient with my awfulness.  I enjoy trying to play sports.  i wish I were better at it.  I still say guys have a superpower in their athletic ability that I am unable to possess.  I shall never attain athletic greatness and I will just have to learn to live with that.

My grandparents are here!  I picked my grandpa’s brain on something Bible-y today.  By far the highlight of my evening.  I really enjoyed it, I would look for more stuff to talk about with him tomorrow tonight, but it’s midnight.  I’ll just have to do that in the morning because it’s obvious my brain isn’t too hot right now lol.

My chem teacher is so sweet, I’m really going to miss her.

I really hope I got an A in math.  Spanish I already know, Chem/Chem lab I already know, and Speech well I”m pretty sure I aced it.  Math is the only one that worries me. And not totally worries since I’ve been doing well. But still…I want an A.  Yeah, that’s the way I roll.

I can’t believe I just said “that’s the way I roll.”

So while my grandparents are here, we can’t play poker………kinda  a bummer.  (Don’t worry, we don’t play poker for real money.  It’s a fun game, lol)

I’m going to make soup sometime soon! Maybe tomorrow.  I really like making soup.  I also want to make a skirt.  I wonder if my grandma will help me.  I might get up the courage to ask her tomorrow. (last time I asked my other grandma to teach me something she turned me down cold. Hence the fear.)

So my parents informed me I have to get my wisdom teeth out during spring break. Totally lame, but they do hurt so it might not be so bad after all. But still. I don’t do needles. I don’t do anesthesia. And I don’t do pain.  So this should be interesting.

Are you still reading this? like seriously? lol

I decided tonight that the most beautiful part of Pocahontas is….she has to let him go.

And she does.

And I cry every. Stinking. Time.

Kinda hits home.

And by kinda, I mean it walks in my front door and stares me at the face.

I’m playing at Rev this weekend.  Should be awesome.  I think the grandparents are going to come.  Could get interesting.

Cascades concert wednesday, totally excited.  Allison is nervous, I told her not to be.  It’s always so fun to do something for other people.  Me encanta.

Speaking of Spanish…I love Spanish!  We studied today. Super fun.  I love Spanish. :)

Tobymac! And the mac is back no slack!  And I get to see his concert!  Ahh! so excited.

So my aunt was going to get me tickets to see Mary Poppins, the play.  But the only weekend that wasn’t sold out was an impact weekend :( bummer.

this is a really long ramble about not very exciting things.  I need some chapstick.

Haha, i’m sitting at 602 words. If you actually read all this would you drop a comment? I’m curious lol.

I really could say so much.  I really feel in a communicatey-mood right now.  Like I could just ramble about anything.  I was thinking about blogging on the phrase Lost in Translation, but once I stated how beautiful it was, I was out of things to say.  It really is a lovely phrase though.

Haha, every time I say Lovely I think of the parent trap.

Haha, parent trap. twins. switching places. Chemistry test. hahahahaha. (don’t worry, they didn’t actually do it).

Oh man. My mind is a pretty scary place.  I’m pretty sure no one should be allowed in there…

Have you ever thought about thoughts? Like what makes thought possible?  the brain is so fascinating.  (Not the kid from arthur.) And language.  Language just blows my mind.  Like how little kids can develop language skills is fascinating.  Thought is just…whoa.  like isn’t the brain just nerve synapses and things?  I don’t understand thought. but I’m glad God gave it to us.

Man, it’s so late.  I’m going to go to bed now.  Thank you for being a place where I could just ramble away, and just say what I wanted to say, and get all my girly communication time used up.  I think I got shorted on it today because of golf.  It’s such a man’s sport, you like can’t hardly talk.  So I guess my super excited “LOOK LOOK LOOOOK!!” when the ball actually left the ground was kind of not the best thing to do…

oops.  I was excited, I show my excitement, I’m sorry… lol. but no golf was really fun, I totally enjoyed it.  minus the looking totally ridiculous part.

All right, good night for real. (900 words later…) :)


3 responses »

  1. slowdowntime says:

    You have to get your wisdom teeth out?!?! Oh girly! I sense a Disney movie marathon during that time. :)
    Oh I read this whole thing but a lot of it we’ve talked about already so I would just be repeating myself so I just wanted to let you know I read it all and I love you for it. I hope you’re having a wonderful night right now. :)

  2. cunhvn says:

    Just wanted to let you know, that as a very old lady, compared to you, I thoroughly enjoy your blog, and yes, I just found it today.
    Don’t worry about your wisdom teeth, didn’t really hurt at all for me… Or my daughters… I appreciate your obvious love for Christ, as well as your devotion to learning!
    I pray that He will bless your life with all the wisdom and knowledge you can hold!
    In Christ,

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