I have been moved to near tears four times this week by the immense beauty of our God.  Four times!  That’s crazy!  this entry isn’t so much to tell you about that, but for me to remember the beautiful and awe-inspiring things I’ve learned from my Father this week.  Who knows, maybe they’ll touch you.

1.  In Old Testament Tuesday we were talking about the Dead Sea Scrolls.  Their preservation is absolutely mind-boggling.  And beautiful.  Here these scrolls with pieces of every OT book (except Esther) are discovered, readable, beautiful, and 1,000 years older than our oldest manuscripts at the time.  The critics were thrilled; “Surely the Scriptures had been tweaked over time and now we will discover the truth!” they thought.  But they were wrong.  God has preserved His word in such a careful and beautiful way.  My reason for being touched?  My God is so big, and so strong, and so beautiful, that he can keep His words perfect for 2,000+ years, and he even hid some of them for us to find later and be amazed at.  I’m just in awe.

2.  In Old Testament Thursday we were talking about the creation of man, and how eve was taken from Adam’s side.  not from his head, not from his foot, but from his side.  And how man is incomplete without eve.  That’s just beautiful.  She’s not to rule him, he’s not to rule her; they’re to work together.  God just weaves beauty into everything He touches.

3.  Today we went to a state park for environment class.  We had lunch in quite possibly the most beautiful corner of the park I’ve ever seen.  I couldn’t help but just gaze.  The sky was a brilliant blue with puffy white clouds painted here and there; it was just such a beautiful sight.  I was overwhelmed with beauty.  My God is so beautiful.

4.  Tonight the moon was absolutely breathtaking.  It was so bright and gorgeous and there was a perfect ring of clouds all around it.  I just had to lay there and soak it all in (even though it’s freezing outside).  you could see how the clouds were so much closer than the stars, and it made me want to reach up my hand and pierce the clouds, stretch through the atmosphere, and grab that glimmering little star hiding in the background.  It’s just beautiful, God is beautiful, and He’s given us so many beautiful things; the trick is to find them.

God is beautiful.  Everything He touches is just glowing.  I’m in awe.

So. Beautiful.


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  1. slowdowntime says:

    Mmmmm. It is such a beautiful world that God has created for us.

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