So I just got back from an AWESOME service (as usual) at my church.  It was like.  Awesome.

So tonight Josh spoke on like adversity, and conflict, and opposition, and struggles, and pain.

And I just kinda realized. like. I don’t really have that right now because God is just like. amazing, and has taken that away for now.

I’m content with my singleness, even as valentine’s day is coming near.  I’m really okay with just me and God.  I don’t feel incomplete.

I’m not too stressed about my future.  more than anything my prayer I decided tonight is just…God pour Your passion in me and give me the strength to live it.

I’m not having conflicts with my friends. We’re all just getting along swimmingly.  It’s just a really nice phase in my life right now.

I think the thing I’m most stoked about is being content single. It’s like…finally. Relief. Sweet, relief.  That’s not to say I’d hate being not-single. But i mean, I’m happy like I am, and I’d be happy with a change.  either way, I’d be happy.  Like does that make sense? I’m just. peaceful. content. joyful. I love it when I’m alone, and I just start laughing. That’s a test of my own joy to me, if I just laugh when I’m alone for no real good reason. It just feels good. I like this.

Let God fill your nooks and crannies. It’s quite lovely :)


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