Yeah that’s seriously the reason I’m blogging. My printer is ridiculously slow and I have to sit here and wait for it lol.  I just thought I’d do a general update, those are always fun.

So school has been going really well, tomorrow I hope to get my first Spanish test back! I’m feeling really good about it so hopefully… and then we have a test in Religion Thursday, scary!  Tyler and I typed up our notes today, that was fun, as always :) We also studied for Spanish, I really like that class, lol.  Religion–Old Testament to be specific–is a really…interesting class. Our teacher is pretty explicit, but he’s really smart. Kinda strange. Anyhow, there’s a lot of stuff I already knew but some stuff I didn’t so that’s fun.  I enjoy that class immensely when he keeps it clean.

Environment, hopefully we’ll watch a movie tomorrow haha. that teacher is kinda…well, he repeats him self like. a lot…and the class is really unstructured so that’s annoying.  but yeah, Thursday we put together a bottlesphere, and I had to sacrifice my shoelaces to science :( (okay, if Tyler reads this he’s going to protest that I volunteered, which I halfheartedly did, because I had new shoelaces in my room. Yeah did you know they make shoelaces of different sizes?! so I still have no converse. maybe I’ll fix that tomorrow.)

Tomorrow! TobyMac’s new CD comes out tomorrow!! I talked Tyler into going to Walmart with me before Spanish to buy it hehehe :) so that’s like, 6:50AM haaaha. I’m so excited though!! Toby’s music is so amazing. I am SO EXCITED!

Yay my printer has almost finished my first document! o.O

Let’s see. Aww, yesterday was the super bowl! that was fun. We went over to Juan & Beth’s house and watched it after visiting our friend Tommy in the hospital. Poor guy, he’s in a lot of pain (if you think to pray for him, that’d be wonderful<3). But Wally & Joni and their daughter were there, and Juan & Beth have three kids, and I was just like. so excited haha.  While the boys and Kelsy played football during halftime, I got to take the toddler Maggie out and watch them.  We ended up playing on the playground by their house, which was absolutely so much fun, I loved it.  And then we watched the boys (And Kelsy) play football, and I had a blast telling her to cheer for her daddy.

Can’t wait for when I get to do that with my kids, for when I get to teach my children to love and respect their father; for when I get to respect my husband and tell him he’s wonderful and can do anything he sets his mind to. Mm, that’s what I’m super excited about.  Definitely looking forward to standing behind Mr X, that lovely handsome wonderful man.

At church Saturday, Josh talked about opposition and stuff (I think I blogged about that already).  And I like. The only passion I have in my heart is like homemaking stuff.  My passion is to show Christ’s love to my husband and children someday, and to make a difference for children and women in the world through Biblical values and love and all that great stuff. Which is why it’s hard to pick a major. “How to be a Mommy 101” isn’t exactly a college course, or something that can be taught.

I’ve been trying to think of careers where I can positively influence children for Christ and make their lives better, besides a teacher since that doesn’t have really that much of an opportunity, does it? I’m not really sure. (good gracious this printer is slow). But I don’t know yet. That’s my passion, I’m just waiting for God to develop it more.

Mexico! I’m so excited for Mexico. My heart is kind of torn, since this is my best friend’s last summer here, and leaving him for those 10 days just absolutely breaks me, but…as much as I love him, I love Jesus more, and…I know Jesus will work it all out as long as I follow Him. So I’m going to Mexico. I believe that’s what my best friend would want me to do anyway, and deep down it’s where I want to be. I just wish he could go too, but, nevertheless, Mexico will be amazing.

OOOOOOOOOOOKAY subject change, the tears are seconds from falling as I think about him leaving.

Back to yesterday, it was my Sunday to be in the nursery. My mom was in there for the first time and the kids don’t know her as well so they were like all flocking to me, talk about adorable :) little Sammy fell asleep in my arms, it was so adorable and wonderful.  I really really love kids ya’ll. This one kid, Aemon, whom I’ve like never met, would wail everytime I’d walk away from him for the first 15 minutes or so lol. so adorable. kids are just precious guys. mm.

I really hate this printer. I feel like I’m wasting major time. Oh it finished! yay!! That’s my life in less than 900 words :)


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