You can always tell how stressed I am by the cleanliness of my room.

That’s not something I’m particularly proud of, especially since I can’t handle messes and they stress me out even more. It’s kind of odd that that’s the first thing to go when I start getting in over my head.

The state of my room before I started working on it about ten minutes ago much reflected the state of my mind these past few days. Cluttered, strewn about…crazy. Just full of so much stuff that’s whirling around–tests, deadlines, papers, work, relationships, responsibilities, fears, pain, frustration, impatience….all going through my head at a million miles an hour, and prominently displayed by my messy room. I’ve been trying to keep it tidy this semester and was doing all right for the first two or three weeks…

Isn’t that how life always is? When times are easy, it’s easy to make sure everything is how we want it. But when things get busy or hectic, little things start to slip away. For me it used to be devotion time. Now it’s the cleanliness of my room (which I must say, if one will go I prefer the second, though I’d prefer to be disciplined enough to keep them both in good order.) So now I start learning a new discipline–maintaining my God time, everything I must get accomplished in my life, and keeping my room tidy. I hope to get this machine so very well-oiled that I can branch out to other parts of my house since…well that’s a whole nother story. But yes.

So challenge! Tighten down on yourself this week and get your discipline in order. It’s hard, yes, but your life will be much smoother. So I’m going to clean my room and listen to a sermon. Well, for about 15 minutes, then I’m taking a shower and going to bed and finishing said sermon. So. yes. discipline :)


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