Quite innocently last night, I looked up Sleeping Beauty on iTunes.

I found a book, and it was marked explicit, and I was like, what the beans did they do to my fairytale. Now don’t worry, I didn’t listen to it at all, I simply read the description.

Some crazy person decided that he (or she, I don’t remember nor do I care) knew better how to tell the beautiful story, and decided that Prince Phillip did everything he did for his own twisted sexual pleasures. I was absolutely flabbergasted.

How can people take a story so beautiful as sleeping beauty and twist it around?! Prince Phillip is chivalrous, and in love, and absolutely amazing; he doesn’t kiss her for some twisted pleasure; he kisses her so he can share the rest of his life with her. Like duh. He’s a true man, and it’s a beautiful story. But the world so often loves to destroy the innocent and beautiful in our world. Little girls are entered in beauty pageants and told to become immodest and sell themselves. Little boys are told either to be feminine and sensitive or to be absolute pigs to every girl they meet. The innocence of childhood and love is twisted and marred into a horrible fragment of the beauty it used to hold.

As I’ve been writing this blog and living my life and delving into everything, I’ve discovered two passions: women being women, and children.

Women need to step it up and be women. If women would be women, I believe our world would be so much of a better place. Immorality would go down (since it’s kind of hard to be immoral if women won’t say yes…). Women need to learn to treat the men in their lives with honor and respect, and as BROTHERS until further notice. I would NEVER EVER EVER wear a shirt with a neckline down to my bellybutton in front of my brother, why the beans should I wear it anywhere else?! Guys are fragile creatures, and we don’t realize how much we absolutely mess them up. But this is a rather big topic, and it’s late and I have class tomorrow, lol.

my other passion? children. Children are so beautifully innocent; they’re gifts from God and blessings in our lives. A child just is a bubble of joy and love and exuberance that just lights up everyone’s days. And yet so many are forgotten. So many are abused, left to be on their own, and just ignored. When did children become accessories? When did they become just another mouth to feed? Why have we lost the magic and the miracle of a child? it just kills me. and I don’t know what or how, but I feel like I need to do something. These children are so precious; how can we let them slip by the wayside?

Anyway, yes, the world tries to degrade the innocent. It will always try to twist the beautiful and sacred to be something it’s not. So I’m asking you to help me fight back; protect the innocent and beautiful; fight the perversion. God made so many beautiful things for us that so often are marred. Don’t let it happen.

(I just made a new category under passions; maybe if I have time sometime I’ll go back and add all my other passionate rants to that spot; but if I don’t, know this isn’t the first time I’ve posted passionately about something ;) )


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