Tonight I’m teaching the lesson at my youth group. Most of the group is going to a sports/worship thing our district does, so Monty and I are going to hold down the fort back here; I’m teaching tonight, Monty is teaching Sunday.

So today I went to go study and finalize my plans for tonight out at the park. I wanted to get away, and just be still and study. It was really fun, by the way. But anyway, I was sitting there and wanted to just start showering the night in prayer, but this nagging thought was in the back of my head. “Lindsey, it’s just youth group, you don’t have to work this hard on it.”

And I almost believed it, too. I was like yeah, we usually just have fun anyway, no big deal…

Then I was like… NO! This is every bit as important as Sunday sermons, or missionaries in Bolivia, or witnessing to the King of Persia! God doesn’t move bigger in “real” church; there’s no reason why Thursday night youth groups can’t be life-changing events as well!!!

So just because I’m not Eddie, and just because it’s not Sunday, doesn’t make tonight any less important in furthering the kingdom of God. Tonight doesn’t “not count” because it’s nothing special. No, anytime God’s word is being taught, it is powerful, it is life-changing, and it is serious and important.

There is nothing too small to pray about, and there is no time when sharing the Word is too small and insignificant. God wants to move in our lives everyday, not just Sunday (or Saturday). Who am I to decide Thursday night youth group is “too small”?

No. And now I expect God to move BIG tonight. Maybe I’ll never know He does, but that’s what I’m expecting.

Don’t sell God short. Nothing is “too small.”


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  1. slowdowntime says:

    Isn’t it so easy to think that? And it is so sad. It could go for other things too. Like, “Oh I can skip on devotions today because of that test tomorrow.” No! That is not the way to go, and yet so easy to do.

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