It’s crazy how much the sermon series at my church matches my life…

So we’re going through Nehemiah right now at Revolution Saturday nights. It’s a totally amazing series, and one of the things we’ve been talking about lately is opposition. People will give you opposition to your dreams and criticize them.

I faced this today in a really unexpected way.

Ever since I was little, as much as I love romance, I have known that a kiss was something sacred. For a long time I knew I wanted to save my first kiss for a serious relationship, then it became engagement, and about a yearish ago, I made a commitment to my future husband that I will save my first kiss for our wedding day.

When I told my mom about my dream/goal/whatever you want to call it, she was totally doubtful. “That’s going to be so hard! What if you husband won’t wait?”

Well. If he won’t wait….he won’t be my husband. Very simple answer. As for it being hard, I’m sure it will be. But anything worth having is worth fighting for, and protecting my heart and my marriage now are worth it. I’m not afraid to wait; I’m excited to give my husband the gift of an entirely pure me.

Today surprised me even more though. I was talking to my aunt, a woman I dearly love and have always held her opinion very high in my life. We were talking about how sweet a certain friend of mine is, and she was like “Well tell me this–is he a good kisser?”

WHAT?! I’m not even dating this guy! So I was like “Haha, I don’t know, and I won’t know anything about that until I get married!”

And she just laughed. She was like well good luck but I don’t believe you. I was adamant in that it wouldn’t happen, that I would not let anyone kiss me until my wedding day, and she was like well I hope you can but I’m doubtful.

That….was crazy. Why…wouldn’t she support me in this? Why would…that be a bad dream? I just wasn’t expecting pushback, not from her, not like that. But…oh well I guess, that’s my commitment and I’m sticking to it, because I love my future husband even now and want to respect and honor him.

And I just told someone else how my aunt reacted, and she was like “Well…it’s just…unrealistic.”

What is WRONG with the world?! Does no one believe that God is big enough to transcend all the problems they think this could cause?! If God has convicted me to not kiss anyone until my wedding day, it’s not like He’s going to sit up in heaven and go “HAA HAA!! Now your physical relationship will be HORRIBLE because you listened to me and didn’t kiss him!!”

That’s such a load of bologna. I believe my God is bigger than the constraints humans place on things, and that because this is what He told me to do, He will take care of the details.


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