The title will make sense.

I love chocolate milk, but probably my favorite part of chocolate milk is when I eat the two or three spoonfulls of chocolate syrup after I put some in my milk. Chocolate syrup is delicious.

I’ve been getting more pushback today about my strict purity standards and the things I have deemed “sacred” for my husband–this time it’s my decision to save my first ballroom type dances for my fiancee. I chose to do this because to me dancing is a highly romantic activity; I know the first person I dance with I would absolutely fall head over heels for. And so, to protect my heart and honor my husband, I have chosen to save my first dance for him.

So, when I was making my chocolate milk a few minutes ago, I poured a spoonful and ate it slowly. It was wonderful. Then the next one I ate really fast. Yeah. it wasn’t so tasty.

And I just kinda realized. It’s like that with purity. Sure, one can enjoy dancing and kissing outside the promise of marriage. But it’s like eating a spoonful of chocolate syrup really fast. It’s tasty–for a second! Then it’s not new. Then it’s gone. All this excitement for it and…it’s gone. Maybe not, maybe the guy won’t leave. But there’s no promise. It’s just not as sweet.

But. If one chooses to save these things, it’s like eating a spoonful of chocolate really slowly. There’s been anticipation for a long time, and it’s sweet and delicious for a long time.

Of course, that’s a theory since I am not married. But that’s the way I see it.

That’s my conviction and I’m sticking to it! Purity is like chocolate syrup. Told you it would make sense. :)


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  1. lol! Love the analogy! It’s very creative and unique! :D

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