Just a little.

So my church… Okay I go to two. My traditional church. I love the people but. It’s kind of. Not…being what I need it to be, hence going to two churches. My contemporary church meets me right where I am and pumps me up for the rest of the week. It’s awesome.

I’ve learned a ton from my contemporary church, and I saw some things my traditional church could do to improve. So, I met with the pastor this past week, and, basically, I got put on staff to be the thinktank for outreach!

Which is totally amazing, I’m very excited about it, and our first day is already in the process (tomorrow the rest of the staff has to approve my idea, and I won’t even be there, scary) so I’m really excited. The pastor is speaking on Philippians 2:1-18, and the day is going to be called Poured Out. Basically we’re going to have the people in the congregation invite the people from their lives they already have relationships with to come to the service and a potluck after. Yes, I got this idea from my contemporary church.

(I like little paragraphs, so I make a lot of them).

So I’m totally excited about this, and really scared also. I feel like I’m spreading myself really thin but there’s nothing I can cut out!! Here’s my responsibility list:

-School (17 credit hours, 5 papers due in the next 5 weeks, 4 of them research)
-Work (Janitor every weekend, wedding set up as needed on weekends)
-Music every Thursday (planning, leading)
-Music on Sundays (Usually offertory)
-Music on Saturdays (Just playing, not leading)
-Youth council
-Possible mentoring of a girl in youth group
-Traditional church staff
-and the normal stuff everybody has

See like, I totally love everything I”m doing. But I”m a little worried. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to make all of this fit. I was talking to my friend Timmy and he was like “How did you end up being the 18 year old in charge of it all? Are you really that bored?” (he’s also the one that said “I know it’s something you never do, but normal people do this thing called sleep…”) And I honestly don’t know. But I do know that if I’ve been given this responsibility I need to do my best at it. And honestly, if I could do it on my own, then what’s so great about God? Maybe the fact that I’ve got so much going on will be just another way to say “HEY!!! God did this NOT me because I couldn’t do it even if I wanted to!”

I’m so excited. I”m excited about music on Thursdays, I’m excited about Revolution, and I am excited about Poured Out. I’m excited to be stretched through this time, and I’m excited to be consumed doing things for God. I’m just really excited.

So yeah, I’d appreciate your prayers. I’ll keep you updated on what God does–I’m preparing to be amazed :)


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  1. slowdowntime says:

    Oh my goodness girl! And you think I’m busy?!? Wow. Well you are gonna have an amazing couple of months, as packed as they are, and I will be praying for you with your church, that is so awesome that you got appointed to staff! :)

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