I realized I just posted a big old rant about college, but something SUPER exciting and WAY more important just happened!!

My mom had one of her friends over to take pictures of this girl’s baby (super adorable), and I was kind of just keeping to myself, whatever.

Well I finally went in there when I knew the evening was winding down to be polite, and the lady started talking about church and how she wasn’t happy and she needed a new one.

So right away, of course, my heart leaps to my beloved Revolution (quite honestly, the entire reason I went in there was to try to sneak in a comment about it…). My mom actually got out “Hey! You should go to Revolution!” before I did (which shocked me, as she’s never been there and has only heard me not shut up about it…), but anyway, I was like “YES!! do it!!” And she sounded really open. I told her the music we play, and when we meet, and she sounded really open about it. So Friday, I’m going to text her, and she says she plans to come.

EPIC SCORE!! That is the win right there. That’s the goal for my life. There is nothing better than that, so why shouldn’t I go to Bible college? That was like, the highlight of my day, week, month. I am so excited. She is looking for God, she’s ready for the challenge, she’s ready to get in his arms. And I am so excited that there is a place that is ready for her, that will love her, and that is going to be as captivating for her as it has been for me. I am so excited, I can’t wait for Saturday. Like. At all.

That’s the win. That’s the goal. That’s the “Greater dream.” That’s it, the end. People finding Jesus. Awesome.


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