I just watched Miley Cyrus’s new music video. (okay, two hours ago…). I highly do NOT recommend this video to anyone, young, old, blind, short…no one!! It’s pretty ridiculous.

I’ll give you a brief recap since I expect you to never watch it. Fair enough? Okay good. Her song talks about how she can’t be tamed, and how no guy could ever control her, and how she’s had sooo many guys in her life, blah blah. But anyway, the video itself is pretty horrendous, she’s strutting around in some really ugly bird costume–did i mention it looks like a bathing suit? Yeah…

So anyway, it just got me thinking (dangerous, I know.) Anyone can look hot. Anyone can parade around in provocative clothes and clamor for fleeting attention. That doesn’t take a lot of effort.

But it takes a certain type of character and fortitude to stick to your guns, and save that hotness when the world is telling you you’re crazy. It’s the same for guys, anyone can be a Casanova, it takes a special guy to be faithful.

And it just makes me sad that so many girls (since I’m a girl I’m going to rag on girls) will settle for this hollow mockery of life. They’ll sell out for the fame, or the money, or the attention, instead of chasing what their hearts really crave–a handsome prince to come save the damsel.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this. I guess my only point was that anyone can be provocative, but very few can be…attractive. So I just want to encourage you to have the character to be above the fleeting, hollowness the world is offering you. Yeah, it’s hard. Yeah, it doesn’t feel like it’s worth it. But I believe it is. I believe God’s ideas are better than ours, so following his plans are waaaaaaaaaaay worth it.

You’re beautiful, God loves you, I love you; don’t sell out. Stick to your convictions, hold to your morals, and have the character to do the right thing.

(ps-I just added a new song to the music page. It’s pretty awesome:)


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