I’m going to ramble now, with a few different points.

I got a new job! I’m a housekeeper lady person for an elderly couple I’ve literally known my entire life. They’re absolutely precious. Their 25-year-old mooch of a grandson, however, is not on the list of precious things I have encountered in my life.

In fact, he’s on the creepy flirty dotey list of people that make me feel very uncomfortable. So today, the elderly couple had to go do a doctor’s appointment, leaving Lindsey and this creepy dude at the house. He had been outside raking leaves (it’s about time he did something; he has no job, doesn’t go to school, and makes his grandma do his laundry. yeah. not a fan.) so I wasn’t worried. I just locked the door, heh.

Well then he finished. And was all confused why the door was locked. so he came inside, and I went outside. Then he came outside, and I went inside. And then he closed the garage, which freaked me out because now I had zero way to escape. So we played this game a couple of times as he was getting water until I finally just was like “Okay here’s how it’s going to be: You can be inside and I’ll be outside, or you can be outside and I will be inside.” And he was like “So how do you want to do this?” and I was like “I don’t care. That’s just the way it has to be.” and he was silent for a second. then was like “Okay, I’ll go get my book.” So he ended up spending the time they were gone outside reading. I was inside, with my mace on my hip, fuming over how much of a man this kid is NOT.

Eventually, my thoughts turned to the REAL men in my life–like my pastor, Josh; my brother, Tyler… These guys are legit, real guys. It made me so happy to know that real men exist, and that I don’t have to marry a deadbeat who is just…fake and gross! I mean, seriously, is it rocket science that you aren’t in the house alone with an 18-year-old girl? (hint: NO!!)

So then I just started praying for these men. And when I started praying for strength for them as they fought to keep themselves pure, I kind of chuckled when I realized that Josh was married and therefore didn’t “have to worry about purity” was like “Well, at least so-and-so.” Then I was like, what am I doing? Purity doesn’t just stop when you get married: it’s forever. Purity is more than your body; it’s your mind, emotions, and, yes, your body. Purity doesn’t just stop being an issue because you have a ring and a spouse. So then my “so-and-so”s reverted back to my list of real men.

Basically, this post has two points: I’m thankful I know what a real man is, so I don’t have to marry a deadbeat; and purity is forever, not just until you get married.


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  1. Natalie says:

    Great reminder on purity! And hope all goes well with the new job!

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