So as you can see, I’m starting my very first series that will last until the end of June. Exciting, isn’t it?! :) First I’ll give you some background and then we’ll dive in to what I learned today about Becoming God’s version of Feminine :)

At the beginning of this month, I decided it was Feminine June. I set out to wear a skirt every single day except when I was working (because that could get weird really fast). But then a couple of days ago, I realized that with all the hustle and bustle that has been my June (16 psychology tests, working a ton, filling in for a pianist at another church…yadda yadda) my devo times have become short or, embarrassingly and horrifically, nonexistent. Not something I’m proud about or happy with. So I decided, that starting today (my Sabbath), I was going to dig in to the Word and really analyze what exactly being a woman in God’s eyes looks like, since…wearing a skirt doesn’t really make you any more or less of a woman (although it is ridiculously fun). So from now until the end of June, all my devotional times are going to be based solely on uncovering God’s ideal for a woman.

Honestly, I had no idea where to start this search. There’s so much in the Bible about women and Godliness…so I decided to start with an old favorite.

I’ll let you guess what it was…

1 Peter 3:1-6, of course! :) The way I study the Bible is to take a couple of verses and really just chew them over, so that is how I will attack it here.

Verses 1-2 talk about a Christian woman with an unsaved husband. Peter encourages her to keep living a Godly life so that her husband will be influenced for Christ by the “Purity and reverence of your lives” (v2). Applying this to womanhood in general, this verse shows how important it is to live a pure, holy life–we never know who is watching us and how our example might point them to God.

Verse 3-4 (myyy favorites!!) are all about beauty, and what beauty really is. I’ve written about this a TON so I’ll spare a rehashing here, but know that God and any guy worth looking at twice is going to think that who you are as a person is far more beautiful than your makeup, snazzy clothes, and perfect teeth. The words that really stuck out to me today were “gentle and quiet spirit.” I have often wondered what exactly Peter was envisioning when he wrote those words. I made a list of everything that I believe a gentle and quiet spirit encompasses (I may have missed something, and feel free to let me know if you agree/disagree!)

  • Nurturing
  • Caring
  • Compassionate
  • Loving
  • Uplifting
  • Respectful
  • Strong
  • Hard-working
  • Humble
  • Calm
  • Patient
  • Peaceful
  • Trusting
  • Not afraid of the future because God is in control

Whew, that’s quite a list…and all provoked by “Gentle and quiet”… Of course, you could substitute “loving” with everything from 1 Corinthians 13, and the list would get even longer…being truly beautiful takes work, are you up to the challenge?

I do NOT believe that the quiet used here means that women are to sit by in silence and shudder under the reign of their husbands. No, the husband is to love her as Christ loves the church (Ephesians 5) which means that she is free to express her thoughts–lovingly and respectfully, of course–without fear. But that’s another topic, and since I’m not married, probably some water I shouldn’t tread…

Verses 5-6 really stood out to me. Holy women are beautiful because they understand what Peter said in the first four verses. He said we are daughters of Sarah if we “do what is right and do not give way to fear.” Those are two huge points for being a Biblical woman–doing what is right, and not being afraid.

Are you ever afraid? I know I am. I become afraid when I think about college, about moving, about anything changing, really. But God doesn’t want that for us!! God wants us to realize that everything we need is in Him and that He is behind the scenes in our lives working; we literally have nothing to fear if we are clinging to God. I had never really pondered these verses before, but they definitely give me an extra incentive to work on trusting God with everything and becoming fearless when it comes to the future. Because, really, the things I fear are future things. I’m not afraid of this moment, I’m afraid of what is coming. But when I am afraid, I am basically saying that God is not big enough to protect me from the coming storms, or that He is not smart enough to give me exactly what I need. It’s foolish to fear when I look at it in the proper light of a HUGE, loving, all-knowing, AMAZING God.

The allusion to Sarah made me go back to Genesis and read her story. Sarah was not perfect either–she got impatient, she lied, she was jealous, but God still used her, and God still loved her. So there’s hope–even when we mess up, God is so good to forgive us when we ask and take us back. Isn’t that amazing? That God is sooo patient with me?! It blows my mind that He seriously wants a relationship with me that badly, but man, am I ever thankful.

So there you have it–the first post of my first series, how exciting!! I’m absolutely stoked to keep digging through the Bible to find more about what God has to say about being a woman, and I hope that my ramblings will help you in some way, too :)

If there’s anything you want to discuss, feel free to leave a comment, I’d love to hear what you have to say! :)


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