My second summer class of the summer (wow, welcome to redundantville) started yesterday. It’s called Philosophy and Ethics (or something like that). Anyway, it’s a philosophy class. And so we’re going to be getting into some pretty interesting discussions.

Well today, my teacher…he said a lot of stuff. A lot of it I didn’t agree with (but I’m horrible at arguing back), but I couldn’t even bring myself to formulate good arguments against him because there was this huge lump in my throat. This man is so stubborn, so strong-willed, and so firmly set against God. He thinks creation is absolutely preposterous, religion is a security blanket, and is just so jeeringly mocking of belief systems that cannot logically explain everything.

And it breaks my heart. I almost started crying right in the middle of class. Not because he was spewing out disdain for my beliefs, but because his heart is so, so hard. I just sat there wondering how can you get through to someone like that? What can you say to someone who is so adamantly against everything you stand for? how can I show him Jesus?

I feel so responsible to show this man Jesus. I wasn’t even supposed to be in his classroom, but I am. But I don’t know how I am supposed to do that. I can’t have stupid arguments to defend my beliefs, I have to learn to understand how he thinks to defend what I believe in ways that will make him understand and (hopefully) respect what I have to say. But I know that nothing I say will change his mind, only God can do that.

It just breaks my heart to see this man so confident that he has all the answers….but so totally lost.


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