Thank you for all the smiles and good times we’ve shared.

Thank you for showing me new things that I never would have tried but actually think are really fun.

Thank you for challenging me to grow in Christ.

Thank you for challenging me to not settle for mediocraty.

Thank you for being stronger than I am.

Thank you for making me feel safe, no matter where we are, always, at all times.

Thank you for respecting me.

Thank you for encouraging me.

Thank you for being a better friend to me than I deserve.

Thank you for challenging me to think about things harder and differently.

Thank you for showing me life is enjoyable when shared with those who are dear to you.

Thank you for listening to me, all the time, no matter what it is.

Thank you for putting up with me.

Thank you for being concerned about me when you leave. I will be ok, because Jesus is right here. Just don’t get angry if I’m sad.

Thank you for knowing how to make me laugh, and doing it often.

Thank you for knowing when you’ve pushed too far and letting things drop for a bit.

Thank you for being my best friend.

Thank You, Jesus, for bringing this amazing guy into my life. I’m blown away when I trace the events that led me to this friendship, and I wouldn’t wish away one second of the pain at the cost of all this richness. God Your plans and Your timing and Your ideas are so much bigger and better than mine. If I had had my way, I may have never met my new brothers and sister. I may have never found Revolution, and I may have never learned to experience You on a level that goes so far beyond the superficial life I was led to believe following You was all about. God I don’t follow You out of obligation, fear of social pushbacks among family, or fear of hell anymore. God I follow You because I am obsessed. I am in love. I am passionate about the God who for some unknown reason is passionate about me.

I’ll never fully comprehend why exactly it is You love me. God when I see myself, I see a lot of faults. A lot. But for some reason, You keep pursuing me. You keep gently pulling me back to Yourself. You keep showing me things that I’ve done wrong and loving me far beyond what I deserve in spite of them. I’ve been an adulteress to You. I’ve looked at You on the cross and decided that You were not enough. I have ignored You because everyone else thought something was okay. I have claimed to know You without spending any time with You. I have claimed to love You while chasing things that are in my plan, not Yours.

But for some reason, You are not content to leave me in my sins. You are not content that I should be a deceiving, dishonest, idolatrous, adulterous, two-faced, lukewarm, name-only christian. For some reason, You kept calling me. You have shown me where I’ve been wrong. You have shown me where I need to let go. And even though I am still so slow in doing these things, and even though I still make mistakes, You are still here. You still love me. That is something I will NEVER understand, but I am so thankful Jesus. You are beyond my comprehension. You have made me so complete, and so much more than what I thought I would be.

When I was little, I always figured that by now? I’d have a super amazing car, the absolutely most amazing boyfriend, a good job, and be super popular. I have my dream car (literally dream car, literally a gift from God), I have the most amazing friends, I have an absolutely wonderful job, and popularity I seriously do not want. God knows what I can handle, what I should learn to handle, and what I simply do not need. I am so thankful He has taught me to release what I grew up expecting of myself and to embrace what He expects of me. It’s not easy, I still mess up. But God is so patient, so incredible, so wonderful and loving.

I just want to go out and tell everybody about Jesus. But if i do that, I know it’ll only turn them off. So loving is the next best thing. I have to live so radically different that people will be wanting to hear what I have to say about Jesus. People will know we’re Jesus’ followers by how we love (that’s a verse, not sure where). God, help me to love more like You every day, no matter who it is, or where I am.

I love You, Jesus. Thank You for the totally undeserved blessings You give me. I stand in awe.


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