My church [Revolution] started a parenting series last week. I have to say, I was….less than enthusiastic about it since…I’m not a parent. Sure, I figured I’d learn some stuff to carry with me later on, but I wasn’t like, super excited. I told my friends “I have like this talent for joining small groups when the awkward sermons come up. The marriage series, the parenting series…” But, since being a mom is my goal, I figured I’d hear something awesome to tuck in my cap and re-listen to when I was pregnant, lol.

I’m so thankful to be wrong.

This series isn’t just about what to do and not do as a parent, it’s about who you are as a parent (ok, well, the first one was at least.) And I was just re-listening to the sermon in preparation for small group tonight, and this huge idea just popped out:

You can’t pass along to your kids something you are not passionate about.

Just think about that for a second.

I won’t suddenly become a passionate Christian and woman for God when I have a baby. No, that is a lifestyle that takes time to mature, it won’t just automatically happen.

So even now as I am living, even now as I am learning and making decisions, I need to be cultivating a passionate lifestyle, for my kids someday but first and foremost because that is really the only way to live. I don’t want to live life halfway. I want to be headfirst overwhelmed in the ocean of God, totally resting on His strength and goodness.

So that’s my new catchphrase for myself: Cultivating a passionate lifestyle. Or…something like that haha, I need to make it more eloquent. I need to sit down and go through what I think this passionate lifestyle entails, and what kind of goals I want to set for myself. But hey, it’s at least a start, right?

Be passionate for Jesus. That’s the only way to pass Jesus on to…well, anyone.


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