Yeah I know, two posts in one day, scandalous…

I’m not sure how to start, so here’s the verse:

“They are all hardened rebels,
going about to slander.
They are bronze and iron;
they all act corruptly.

The bellows blow fiercely
to burn away the lead with fire,
but the refining goes on in vain;
the wicked are not purged out.

They are called rejected silver,
because the LORD has rejected them.”

-Jeremiah 6:28-30

The “they” is Judah (see previous post). God has been trying to put Judah in the fire to strengthen them and draw out the dross, yet they’ve hardened their hearts to the point where they won’t allow God to mold them and refine them.

That’s by far one of my biggest fears with this semester. I know that this semester is a refiner’s fire in my life. I know that God is breaking me down, melting me down and scraping off another layer of junk from my life. It’s scary, it’s hard, and it hurts.

But the absolute last thing I want to hear is that I am rejected silver. It makes me cringe to think that I could harden my heart so much to the point where I won’t let God do what He needs to do in me this semester. I have to remain pliable to His hands so that I come out stronger, more radiant, and more like Christ.

Today, God gave me the gift of joy. I was happy just about all day. I was able to just laugh, and smile, and just…God’s joy oozed out of me. I can’t tell you why. I didn’t read a magic verse, I didn’t sing a magic song, God just gave me a superabundance of joy today. And I loved it. My day was crazy, but I was so happy all day. I’m exhausted, but I’m still happy. It was just..such a blessing. I’d like to say it was because I chose to be joyful. But it’s not anything I consciously did. God just gave me joy. It was beautiful. I want to keep it with me every day. I like being happy. I want to be joyful. It’s just so much better that way.

Anyway. This is kind of a goulash. Are you being pliable to God’s hands? Is God’s fire able to purge you of your dross, or are you hard-hearted and refusing to let Him in?


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