It’s days like today that I just have to look back and be like, whoa.

At the end of last school year, God really convicted me about not taking a day off to just rest, and relax, and spend extra time with Him. So, Sunday has become my no school day. This weekend I had a lot of homework due, but, Sunday was my day off.

I woke up this morning, doing my best not to panic and just telling God He had to help me, I was toast without Him. I had to completely clean and move out of the house I was housesitting, read almost an entire chapter in my computers book (around 40 pages, I believe), finish a tracking report for computers class, and hand write front and back a page of notes (kind of) for computers. Oh, and attend my first class of Human Development. And oh yeah, disciple a young girl from church (which I totally forgot about until she texted me…I was so glad she reminded me lol).

I really thought the people I was housesitting for were going to come home before I finished washing the sheets this afternoon lol, but I made it out like an hour before their estimated arrival time. I’m just in awe at how everything worked out. I’m exhausted, but it all worked out. The best part of the day was definitely studying John with Kyla this evening. It’s so neat to see her excited to work on her quizzing stuff. I’m secretly hoping she opens up to me more through this study, but…baby steps :)

So yeah. That’s all. God’s awesome. When we’re obedient, He will fill in the gaps. Speaking of obedience, I haven’t read my Bible yet today. Time to fix that; good night blog world :)


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