And I just have to tell someone!!!

Today, as you know if you read my blog from yesterday, I started teaching the preschoolers at my church!!!



Seriously, I think I have found my niche. I loved it so much. They were so absolutely precious. It was a bit overwhelming at first, three little kids with very short attention spans, but it worked out. And they actually learned something (i think)! It was so wonderful.

We talked about the creation story. I told them how God made the air, and the water, and the rocks, and the lizards, and the apples, onandonandon. When I’d ask them at first “So, who made the world guys?” they’d kind of stare at me blankly. One little girl kept saying “my mom!” hahaha. Adorable.

But as we did crafts, and I kept saying “Go ahead and color the apples that God made…” and when we did playdough “Hey look! A snake! you know who made the snakes? God!”

And then finally, I turned to Sammy, and was like “So, Sammy, can you tell me who made the world?”

Sammy: *stall. stall. stall* “*gently* God.”

Me: “YES!!! high five!!!”

Hahahaha. Then Alyssa caught on. Noema wouldn’t stop saying her mom made the world. But 2/3 ain’t bad! I’m so excited. It was WONDERFUL.

I loved it. So. Much.

I can’t wait for next Sunday :) :) :) :) :)


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  1. Natalie says:

    Aww! That’s so sweet! I love how pre-schoolers say the cutest things. And they’re pretty dog-gone cute themselves. Hope everything goes beautifully!

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