Yeah so I’m still really excited and I don’t really have anyone to just spill out all my excitement on so I’m blogging again.

This week has been phenomenal. I mean. Preschoolers. And Jesus taking away my fear and my worry. I just want to run around and tell EVERYBODY what He’s done in my life. I mean. I just want to tell people how CRAZY AWESOME God is.

I’m so excited about what He’s doing. I just can’t contain it. I’m so excited to be working with my preschoolers. I”m so excited to be leading the music this month. I’m so excited to not be fearful and worrisome. I’m just so free. It’s amazing. God is amazing. Seriously. God. is. amazing. just give Him everything. Give Him everything you’re sick of carrying, and even things you’re not because it’s SO AMAZING.

MMMM. I love God. I love how ridiculously awesome He is. I love how strong He is. I love how He loves me. I love how much He gives me that I don’t deserve.

Mmm. God rocks.


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