Everybody judges Presidents by their first 100 days in office.

Tomorrow marks 100 days until I move in to college, 1300 miles from my home.

that’s…so weird!! I only have 100 days left–less actually here at home because we’re going on a family vacation before arriving at my school, so technically like, 85 days. But we’re still going with the 100 thing. but I only have that much time to enjoy my life like it is right now. That’s so crazy to think about.

I’ve been doing a pretty bad job on that enjoying thing lately. Sunday night and Monday I was so incredibly emo, missing Tyler so bad it hurt all over again. It was awful.

but I have also been enjoying a lot of things in my life. My youth group. Doing the music [even if I did find a dead rat in the music office yesterday, DIS-GUST-ING]. My preschoolers. This new season of our relationship. Learning so much from God. The beautiful weather. Going out with Timmy for hours doing nothing. Weekly not-date  nights watching movies. Writing my story. I’ve got so many good things here, I really am blessed. It’s been such an overall good, growing 50 days.

100 days. That’s not very much time. I’ve gotta make the most of it.

Tomorrow morning Timmy and I are going out to breakfast and then studying for our computers test (I missed 3 [=85%] on the last one, and I was really sad, lol). I’m so torn. On the one hand, I am so excited for the new adventure of going to college, living on my own, in a new climate, and….of course…seeing my best friend again :) But at the same time…I’m going to miss my youth group, my friends here, my family, the lack of snow…it’s all going to be so different! But I really feel like I need to go. It’s such a great chance to learn, and I’ll be learning such amazing things. If I stayed here, what would I be doing? Taking some ding dong courses at the local university? What good would that do me?

No. I need to go. I’m scared. I’m excited. I’m torn.

but I only have 100 days left of this phase of my life. I have to make them count.


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