Sorry, it’s been an insanely long time since I’ve blogged. That’s lame.

Anywho, my life hasn’t been really like, super exciting, hence the lack of blogs. I worked a ton last weekend, that was fun, it always is. But nothing that I really was like, man, I need to blog…

Well, last night youth group was pretty off the hook. A year ago today, three of the kids in our youth group now lost their father. He was killed in a horrible accident. Last night God kind of threw us a curveball and Eddie realized that we needed to talk about being real with God, and telling God everything that was going on.

So we did. Eddie talked about taking off our happy faces and letting God know when we’re hurt, sad, frustrated, confused. Then Monica and I sang Rescue by Newsong. The three of us went down to the breezeway and made ourselves available to pray with the kids.

Two of the kids who lost their father came down, and it was so exciting. They prayed with Eddie and Monica, so I got to intercede the whole time. It was so…incredible to look up and see the love Eddie and Monica were showing these hurting kids. I get to work with such incredible people.

The third kid broke my heart. He came halfway down the stairs, and just sat on the landing. He pulled his hoodie down over his eyes, and buried his head in his arms.

He wanted to pray with someone. But he was stopping himself. But he came down the stairs. That’s a step in the right direction. He’s trying so hard to play it all off, to bury himself in sports and deny it all. Sooner or later it’s going to catch up with him, and I’m so glad to know that his siblings will be there for him, and that we will be, too.

I got to talk with one of the kids when we all were hoping that the youngest was going to go pray with Eddie. He told me vividly what happened the day his dad died. He remembers everything, even what he ate and what gas pump they got gas at. His voice kept cracking–he said it was because he was cold. Riiiight… He’s such a sweet kid. So much pressure has been put on him this past year to be the man of the house now–I told him he didn’t have to be.

It kills me to see the pain in their eyes. I hate not being able to take it away from them. I’m so proud of the way Chelsea and Chris have been growing. We serve an amazing God, who does amazing things.

On a slightly less depressing note, today is the 3 year anniversary of buying my car!! Another God story, if you’ll let me tell you :) [yes, this is almost identical to the one I put on facebook.]

So when the whole, “car search” deal began, I was talking to God and was just like “So. God…I really just want a dark colored Honda Civic. Automatic, CD player…That’s all. But I’ll take whatever You want to give me.”

So the hunt began. We looked at Hyundais, Accuras, Toyotas, a pink Mazda, a camaro, a Sonata that had been cut in half and then soldered back together…but nothing was “just right.” Some were too pricey, some were too stupid to drive (because I want the front half of my car to just run away from the back half because you welded them together…), and some I really liked, but there was too much wrong with them for it to work out.

It was really starting to get annoying, looking at so many cars and never finding one that was “just right.” I think a very important life lesson can be learned here. I remember thinking that the pink mazda was soooooooooo cute, but something about it just didn’t feel right when we were talking about buying it.

I think that can happen with relationships too. Something can seem soooo amazing. But there’s a little voice in the back of your head telling you that something just isn’t right. So who’s going to win? That little voice? Or your desire to have a relationship NOW rather than find the right one? To be completely honest though, I had my qualms about my honda too, and it turned out to be the right one. So I guess my analogy doesn’t totally hold out. Just…don’t be afraid to step back from something. God will make it work out, if it’s meant to be. That’s kind of where I’m sitting right now. My heart has to pull back, and if God wants us together…He’ll make it happen.

Anyway, one night, I logged onto myspace (ah, those were the dark days..) and my dear brother had left me a comment saying that the guy at his work was selling a (ready?) black honda civic that had 119k miles on it…and was automatic. Liiike. whoa.

My brother is a mechanic :)

So Tyler checked it out for me, and found out that it was in like, awesome shape. So then came the important question… “Does it have a CD Player?!”

:) Of course it did!!

A week later, my family and I drove up to pick up the Assassin. And the rest is history :)

Kinda fun how God works and provides, if we just wait Him out. Yay God!



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