I’m putting off my computers homework. Why? Because it’s insanely boring!!!

i got this new chapstick, but I’m pretty sure it’s making my lips worse. It’s blistex, anyone have any experience with that? I love chapstick naturals but it was like, twice as expensive, and, well, i’m cheap..

I finally took care of my super secret project today :) more information will come…soon :) bah!! I FORGOT PICTURES! >< I’m so silly. Oh well. Yeah. You’ll find out more later :)

I’ve been feeling kinda puny lately, as I’m sure most of you have as well. No fun :( I was so doped up on Dayquil at work though, Jen kept laughing at me…I just kind of provided a running commentary of my day, to absolutely no one. it was hilarious. I think that was the day my boss had us try on halloween costumes and took our picture. So funny, I love my job.

Then we had teen service on Sunday, and it was so stinking cool! We wore masks until we gave our testimonies–our theme was “Get real!” so as we talked about getting real with God, we’d take off our masks. It was pretty sweet. We were all in costume too since it was halloween. I was a princess (Shocker, right?:)

I’m hungry. I think some honey nut cheerios, peanut butter, and honey are in my near future. (seriously, try it. With a big glass of milk. My brother and Brad loved it. Hiiilarious. They were sitting on the couch, and I started making some, and this big ole 25 year old guys just came and stared at my food. haha. love them.)

I just got home from leading my last worship team practice. The leader comes back this coming week, and I can’t wait! haha, it’s been a fun job, but it’s so intense with school and being sick and working and everything. I’m glad I was able to give her a break, and it was cool to lean on God so much, but I”m also glad to give the job back!! lol!

Friday I meet with Pastor D to talk about some doctrine stuff and to go over all the details for Sunday. this service is going to be pretty sweet, we kinda shook it up a little. Fun stuff :) Oh, did I mention we’re meeting at Jamba? best place EEVVEERR! :)

I saw the cuuuuuuuuutest mom today at the post office. Okay that sounds really perverted, listen to my story lol. So we were in line, and a lady at the back of the line fell, and she was really dizzy and everything so people were calling 911, and this mother bends down and pulls her daughter close and she’s like “Ally (or whatever her name was), let’s pray for the lady who fell back there.” and then mommy and her little preschooler prayed together. It was so precious. I was like, YOU GO GIRL!! Haha. I like seeing good moms. it was adorable.

I wore a hat during worship practice tonight. It was a goofy plastic hat I found in the church. It made me have way more fun.

I feel bad. I’m in a music theory class, and I’ve been playing piano for 12 years. this stuff is…so old lol. I feel bad totally spacing out during class. He gave us like, 50 minutes to do some practice exercises today. I finished them two minutes after he wrote them on the board……………….yeah….

But Friday Timmy and I are going to a piano concert for this class,and I’m super stoked! Our movie night yesterday was lame, because I picked a lame movie lol. Sorry Timmy…

Ok. I want my food. and I need to read this boring old computers book. I just wanted to let you know what’s been going down lately. I really need to get better at this blog, because when I move, it’ll be a good diary/friend updater. Hmmmm…but this is also a super private blog…hhhmmm….There’s no way I’m letting the entire world trapse through this blog. i mean, the entire world of people I know, that’s really awkward. BAH! I’ll have to think on it.

Cheerio-ho! (and a bit of psych while I’m eating, which I promise I’ll turn off when I’m done and read. Promise. :)


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  1. slowdowntime says:

    haha. this made me laugh. your life is awesome. as are you. :) And I love how you make the best out of everything. Your cheerios thing does sound amazing. :)

  2. Natalie says:

    1. I don’t use Blistex. It seems that whenever I use it, it inflicts more pain rather than soothing them. Go with Burts Bees :D

    2. Can’t wait to find out what this surprise is!

    3. What an odd combination for a snack.

    4. I hope you feel better! The plus side is that we were lucky enough to be chosen to live in an era where we get Nyquil. Although, that’s not really luck but really God’s doing. I’m so thankful he didn’t make me be a pilgrim before modern medicine. ‘Cause, A) I’m probably one of the biggest complainers and baby when it comes to congestions, and B)To put it simply, I would have died.

    5. I’m sorry that the previous thought ended up being so long and probably made little to no sense.

    6. If you’re talking Jamba as in Jamba Juice, then I’m so jealous of you right now.

    7. Aww! That’s the cutest story I’ve heard all week!

    8. This is the longest comment I think I’ve ever written…

  3. ivory627 says:

    Lol Natalie! you crack me up! Thanks for the tip about the chapstick!! I’ll have to remember that… :) And yes, Jamba juice :) <3

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