Well. I finally did it.

I took the plunge, and I finally did it. No one was going to stop me. It had to be done.


….Cut my hair…

….with bangs!…

yeah………..lol i haven’t had bangs since I was like. seven. so this is like. ridiculouso. But I mean. it kinda looks okay? I got one side done really short, because that’s how I thought I wanted it. Blech. so the other side, we did  a little longer (i like the asymmetrical thing, it’s cool). I like the long side. If I do bangs again, I’m going the long version.

Yeesh. I was so scared. And it does look kinda silly.

But I wanted different. And different I got. So we’ll see. I need to style it a coupla times to decide how I feel about it, lol.

Anyway. That’s my exciting story for the day.


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