Remember that date.

Today, I have officially become a woman.

How do I know?


I saw a newborn baby, and I cried.

lol, ok, so that’s not the defining factor in becoming a woman, at all. But…I can no longer laugh at my mom for crying at weddings (been there, blubbered through Chrissy’s…), or for crying at babies (because I definitely just did that.)

I dunno man. I’ve never really been affected like that. I guess maybe it was more the story of it all. So I’ll share that here.

This summer, I joined a small group at Revolution at met the AMAZING W family. K and I became really fast friends, and AJ and I played on the worship band together, so they’ve become some of my favorite people. K is definitely one of my favorite women; we talked at Jamba juice for a really long time the Tuesday after Tyler left; she’s incredible. Anyway, during the course of small group, AJ and K found out that their little precious baby had a cyst in her lung. K opened up to me about all sorts of things she was feeling, about how much she loves AJ, how she met AJ, how badly they’d wanted to get pregnant, and how nerve-wracking it was to find out about the cyst. But her faith was so incredible through it all.

So our whole church has been trusting God that everything would be ok with Baby W, and yesterday was the big day for her to make her appearance in the world.

I hardcore facebook stalked AJ and K all day, and couldn’t go to sleep until I knew Baby W had been born. I like, squealed when the announcement finally popped up on my home page, and even more so when I saw a picture of her this morning. She’s so cute!

Baby W’s cyst is gone. How incredible is that?!

So this afternoon, K had posted their room number on facebook so I decided to go visit them. I don’t know if I’ll ever forget it. I walked in, and there’s my dear friend K, just holding the most beautiful little girl on her chest, and proud AJ being such a sweet and concerned man for his girls. It’s so beautiful.

Little Baby W had her daddy’s nose and just the most perfect face I’ve ever seen. I don’t even like newborn babies. But she’s perfect. Absolutely perfect. K and AJ were so tired, so I didn’t stay very long, and it’s a good thing too…because I was starting to cry, lol.

Seeing my precious friends and their absolutely perfect and precious daughter was just one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever witnessed in my life. Baby W is a miracle. A beautiful, wonderful miracle. And it’s beautiful.

And I’m crying again just thinking about it.

Thank You, Jesus, for protecting Baby W, and for the beauty You allowed me to see today.


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