Since I haven’t done one in…forever.

Let’s see. Last Sunday (as in not yesterday) I had the privilege of going to a little church on the other side of town to do their music.

Wow. That is by far the most beautiful place I have ever been.

no, the building is nothing extravagant–but the people and the spirit…They know what it means to be a church. There is so much love and generosity and family in that church. It’s a church of ex-convicts and people with barely enough money to get by, and they’ve been building an addition onto their church for those who don’t have homes. It’s incredible. Every month they do food distributions–last time they gave out over seven THOUSAND pounds of food to over seven HUNDRED people, two of which accepted Christ that day. It’s amazing. I love it there. Just to hear the stories of these people–muslims, excons, abused…and to see how Christ has changed them. It blows me away. I want to be a part of something like that. I want to use my life to make that kind of a difference.

This weekend we went on vacation for Thanksgiving. I really do have so much to be thankful for. I should start making lists. Anyway. We went to see the giant sequoias in California. The forest was AMAZING! It was all covered in snow. I love snow :) It’s cold, and I don’t like the cold, but it’s so beautiful. The worst thing was that I get carsick, and we were in the car almost all day for every day of our vacation. So it wasn’t like, super fun for me, but I still enjoyed everything we did. that totally sounds like an oxymoron. but it’s true.

School is winding down. Tomorrow should be my last class for computers, December 9th I’ll be done with music, and only human development and new testament are dragging themselves out until the last day. I have a huge paper due for religion on Thursday, which I have yet to officially begin. I have the intro hand written in my notebook (yeah this vacation killed my paper writing time. less than awesome.) so I’m going to go try to do two pages before music class :)

more later, when I’m not hungry, and needing to write a paper.

Ps…I have to start laptop shopping! gah! I’m so bad at technology…lol


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