This post could get really weird really fast, because I’m tired and cranky lol.

Good news! My computer came in yesterday, and it works fine and it’s fantastic and all that jazz. I love it a lot.

Bad news! I lost like half of my iTunes library in the transfer from my old computer to my new computer due to a really stupid mistake. Apparently I had my music in two folders named iTunes, one where it should be and one where it shouldn’t be. SO as I was going through and adding the files from my old computer to my new one, I was like “Well that’s silly and is surely taking up a lot of space! delete!”

Yeah. So apparently that’s where half of my songs were because they won’t even work on my old computer now. So I was like fine, I’ll just import the few CD’s that are missing.

No no. There were gobs and gobs missing. So I looked for one of those softwares that would take music from your iPod to your computer.

Found one! that’s the good news too. Bad news? It’s a stupid trial version and will only do 10 songs a minute. Which wouldn’t be so bad if I could just sleep while it was doing them.

no no. I have to press a button every 60 seconds in order for it to keep transferring. Or I could pay 20 bucks to get the full version. No thanks, especially since I’m going to have to fork out 80 dollars for the new MS office (which, on the bright side, is much less than the non-student discounted version).

So, I’ve been pressing that little button every 60 seconds as well as ripping CDs to my computer (which is horrendously slow, I’m so glad I found that software) for…forever. I was working on it from like, 1:30-3:30 last night (not sure on the 1:30 part, maybe earlier…I was working on files on my computer since like 11:30 or midnight though), and then for about the past hour. It’s kind of funny, I”d imagine, to watch me write this blog, since every 60 seconds I’m clicking that little button, and then when my iTunes finishes ripping a CD I go do that, and when I get a text I answer that. Hate to break it to you, blog, but you’re on the bottom of the food chain for priorities here.

Speaking of texting, if you guys could remember to keep Tyler in your prayers today and tomorrow, that’d be awesome. He’s got a really intense class this weekend with a lot of demand for memory things and stuff, on top of lots of end of semester work.

Anyway. that’s the story of my life the past 24 hours haha. I’ve got a little school-aged girl coming over for an afternoon of hanging out in a few hours, so I’ve gotta make sure everything is planned out for that. We’re having a My Twinn doll party, maybe I’ll put up some pics, we’ll see :)

Well, when I started this blog I think I was on the M’s for artist name. I’m now on the R’s, so that’s a mondo improvement! This is doable! yeaahh!! This is what I get for having  a ridiculously large iTunes library  I suppose. I am weeding out some songs as I go though, like a ton of my Gershwin. I realized I really don’t like Gershwin very much and skip him all the time anyway, so the energy I’d spend waiting around for 60 seconds while his songs transferred really isn’t worth it. Smart girl.

One thing I don’t like about getting a new computer (besides all this mess) is how all the programs from my old computer that I’ve downloaded the this one have been updated and “improved.” I hate updates. Why can’t companies leave well enough alone?

Like skype. The new version of skype is absolutely disgusting and ugly. It keeps freezing up on me when I open it, too. Yeah, great idea guys. Let’s make what used to be one of the easiest programs to understand WICKED complicated. There’s also a stupid new MS office, again. It’s like, the ugly step sister to 2007. There’s no review feature which absolutely blows my mind. That was like, my favorite part of office 2007. My teachers used it, I used it for my friends…It’s just crazy. That made helping Tyler with his papers 1300 miles away possible, why would you get rid of that?

(I’m on the S’s!)

So Chelsea and I went and hung out Wednesday night, and almost got in a car accident. Really not a good thing, especially considering that her father was killed in a car crash a little over a year ago. We were waiting at a light, and then it turned green so I started going, and out of absolutely NOWHERE this minivan comes barreling through the intersection like SUPER fast, totally running his red light. So I slammed on the brakes and stopped probably just a few feet short of where this dingleberry was going. it was so horrifying. It felt like slow motion to watch the car coming the other direction swerve and slam on his brakes to get out of the way of this crazy person too. I mean good grief. I’ve never been so scared in my life, and tried to not…show it, because poor Chels was freaking out.

So ok, before we went on vacation, my battery light in my car came on. So my dad tested it when we got home, said the numbers were normal and not to worry about it and go ahead and drive.

So that’s what I do. And it worked fine for the first few days. But last night on my way home from youth group, I was just singing along to my princess CD in my car, and I turned on my brights, and my radio goes off.

I’m like…”That’s not good…”

So I turn off my brights, and my radio comes back on lol. I ‘m like “…that’s really not good…”

So then my speed needle thingy went from like, 25 to 30 to 15 to 0 to 25 to 0…and I was like “..that’s really REALLY not good..” so I pulled over and turned it off and called daddy. He came and gave me a jump, but I still had to drive home, which was pretty scary lol.  My dad decided to drive behind me in case it died crossing an intersection so he could push me out of it, lol, comforting. He wouldn’t even let me use my headlights. So I’ve got my 4-way blinkers on, and he’s driving behind me with his brights on so I can see, and we get like, half a mile from home, and my dash lights are starting to get really, really dim lol. But I have one more street to cross….

Yeah sorry. I made it, no drama lol. It was really scary on like the neighborhood though because it was really dark. But it all worked out. if I lived any farther though, it probably wouldn’t have made it.

So apparently my alternator’s bad, lol. Awesome. There’s another 70 bucks I have to spend on something stupid before I go to school…

Bah. I’m sorry. I’m just really frustrated right now lol. Tomorrow I’m working from 7AM-11. This is the first time in my life I’ve worked before 9AM haha, paid I mean. I’m excited, but I don’t want it to be cold…


All right. I’m going to go watch a Hannah Montana or something. I’m pretty sure you’re tired of my rambling :) latah!






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